Questions to consider when choosing laminate flooring

Laminate flooring was introduced in the late 70s. It has several features that last till today, such as durability, ease of maintenance, water resistance, and affordability. Today, it is a highly sought-after product. It adds to the realism of what you are looking for with patterned variations of wood, stone, and tile cut into planks or square tile-size pieces. If you haven't seen it lately, come on into Surplus Sales and see what we have to offer!

What version are you looking for?

The flooring was avoided in kitchens and baths because of water concerns, but now there is a version that makes it spill-proof with no worries. This makes it ideal for every room in the house. However, the original version is still popular and active on the market, so tell us which one you want to use.

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How long do you want your floors to last?

Laminate flooring is meant to last at least twenty or so years with the proper cleaning and maintenance. It can handle little feet and tiny paws and claws, as it is pet and child friendly. Most of the warranties extend twenty years or more on this product.

Can laminate have a great appearance?

These floors are sure to turn heads with their beauty while being casual enough for a game room or bedroom. Yet they can be dressy enough for a living room or dining room or your most formal room. We cannot stress how good these floors will look in your home.
Laminate flooring in Elkton, KY from Surplus Sales

Does installation take a long time?

Installing laminate flooring can be simple as it can be installed in planks or tiles. It can be installed as a floating floor without fastening or gluing it down to the subfloor. The planks and tiles click together like a puzzle, and since it is a floating floor, it doesn't take long to install. Contact us today or visit one of our three showrooms to find a laminate flooring option that suits your needs.