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Tile Flooring- the lasting choice

No matter the requirements, there are significant advantages and benefits found in tile flooring. First of all, the last, and exceed 50 years or more when properly cared for and maintained. They offer stunning looks and the same durability that archeologists find in Italy and Greece. An excellent choice for any room in your home, it's well worth considering.

Tile flooring for everyone

Porcelain and ceramic tiles offer what you need most, an impeccable look with matching décor. Take advantage of the fantastic mosaics you can create for an utterly individualized appearance. Or you can choose from appearances in natural, clear-glazed products, designs, patterns, and solid colors. These pieces can be cut as small as you want them, even to the size of a postage stamp! So you can create anything you imagine.

Tile is durable, which is a significant characteristic. It is dense, hard, and water-resistant, so you are protected against scratches, cracks, spills, stains, and chips. You can add another layer of protection from the elements by adding area rugs, mats, or runners in the hallways where they are a lot of foot traffic.

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Tile flooring maintenance

Another characteristic and feature of tile is its easy cleanup. Tomato sauce, wine, and thick mud all wipe up with a clean rag without threatening the color or pattern of the tile. The sub-flooring is also safe from spills. It is hard to find a solvent that will threaten the tile or the grout. It is resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria, which is why some homeowners prefer tile for backsplashes and countertops.

Let us help you decide on the right tile for you!

At Surplus Sales, you get personalized service. From helping you to decide on tile, to what tile to get, to the installation and finishing stages, we will be there to help. We have something for everyone, including residential and commercial.

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