Carpet flooring trends in Kentucky

Carpet flooring trends in Kentucky

As a Kentucky resident, you may wonder about carpeting trends in your specific area. The good news is there are plenty of trends you can take advantage of in your home.

Trends tend to lean on your specific existing decor, so some will serve you better than others. But you have even more availability if you're building a new look from scratch.

Trends that cater to existing decor schemes

If you have a look already in place, you'll want to look for trends that cater to that decor scheme. That means your floor covering will match your furnishings and wall coverings.

We can help you find the perfect match if you're unsure about what will and won't work for your decor. And there are plenty of choices that will cater to each room.

Specific trends to consider

Blue and gray carpeting are both popular trends all over the country. They are striking in farmhouse or country motifs, with various dark and light options.

Multicolor trends are a great match with extensive decor colors. With the inclusion of so many different colors, it's perfect for modern and eclectic looks.

Bold designs and colors are trending but often reserved for area rug creation. This gives you the ability to add a pop of color and design wherever necessary.

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