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Surplus Sales, Inc.

We are a 2nd Generation family owned business.  We're named Surplus Sales because we buy up surplus merchandise wholesale and then make it available for you! That has been our mandate since 1995 when we opened our doors, and it continues to be the same today. We aren't like other housing goods companies in the area. We are DIY and homeowner friendly in terms of pricing, and we think we're pretty unique in terms of the items we carry. You will find some great deals for your next project within our walls. Come on in and take a look around.

The ugly baby

So...what's with the ugly baby? Our founder, Maynard Mayton, was looking for a logo to use on advertisements, specifically billboards. Nothing seemed to be a good fit for the business. He was working with an advertising guy who showed him a drawing of a baby, and it kind of stuck. The "Baby Face" graced our first billboard ever, and after a while, everyone started referring to it as the "ugly baby". We happen to think he’s pretty cute, so we adopted him and trademarked him in 2003. He's even on some of our products these days.
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Our growth

Surplus Sales began in the mid 90s and we have enjoyed steady growth throughout the years we have been in business. We believe that this is due to the fact that we provide a niche service to the DIY homeowner and we continue to try and improve our offerings in this arena. We have been able to keep costs low, and we maintain a high level of customer service. The combination has been fantastic for us, and we continue to grow and flourish to this day.

Our goal

At Surplus Sales we have a two-fold goal. First of all we want to make things easy for the DIY homeowner. We strive to help you get the materials you need and provide you with plenty of options. Our other goal is to keep giving you quality items at affordable prices. We continually examine our processes and suppliers to make sure we are finding the best deals and can pass those savings along to you.
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